Petra Orfali

Petra Orfali was born into an artistic family, her father taught her the art of painting and music, this had a great impact on her love for paint and design she was soon making clothes for her dolls. Since then she has pursued her dream of becoming a known craft and fashion designer. Studied business administration and attended many fashion design courses.

The designer is an innovator who combines textures and colors in a bold and unexpected manner, her real passion for fashion is seen in the detail and the high quality of her work and materials, influenced by the combination of her Turkish, Syrian and Jordanian culture and a keen eye for design.

Petra Orfali Designs features simple but yet elegant designs with oriental spirit and modern touch, Petra Orfali Designs (previously known as Rose n' Rose) was established in Amman 2008 and has been expanding through the Middle East and the states since then, by displaying her latest creations in many international events.

Supporting less fortunate has been always part of this project, where a group of local community women in east Amman were trained by Petra, in which they become a creative, well-skilled team made of twenty adorable ladies. Petra Orfali has been rising as a local Jordanian designer both locally and regionally since 2008.

Ten years later, she's celebrating the opening of her own concept boutique in the heart of Amman at the Abdali Boulevard. Her signature Hatta has been worn by celebrities as Julia Butrus, Angham, Najwa Karam, Hala Al-Turk, Enrique Iglesias, & many more; regional and international personaliaties.