Jordanian Fashion As Seen Through A Parisian Lens

At CIIN, we carefully listen to these winds of change. Strongly committed to promote and support the best of Jordanian design, this year we participated in several projects that aim international recognition of local designers. It is fascinating to explore the exchange between different energies, aesthetics, and sensibilities. As a part of both Dezain Jordan and Khayt Jordan, two seemingly different platforms, but with a mutual cause, CIIN team got introduced to many well-established and upcoming designers, all deserving of the opportunity to be recognized internationally. Therefore, while we were in Paris for the Haute Couture Week, we stayed true to our words. We asked true fashion connoisseurs to style unique pieces designed by three Jordanian fashion designers− Petra Orfali, Sujood Darabekeh and Yazan Makhamreh, in a manner that they deemed suitable for chic Parisian streets.
Petra Orfali is at the forefront of Jordanian fashion for more than a decade. Deeply inspired by her rich cultural and historical heritage− that of Jordan, Syria and Turkey, Orfali creates signature pieces that are both sophisticated and unconventional. Petra Orfali has a unique design vision, one that we understand best through her use of recognizable traditional patterns, contemporary cuts and shapes, and subtle embellishments found in collars, hems, sleeves and creases. Her design is Jordanian in its core, but au courant in terms of fashion that is represented in the Western Europe. For the photoshoot, Cedric Haddad and Fabrizio de Almeida wore Orfali’s statement jackets that can style-up any outfit. De Almeida also opted for a black Petra Orfali ensemble− matching shirt and loose track pants, both embellished with strap detailing. Oskar Bocquillon opt for a crisp white, short-sleeved casual a shirt with a hidden detailing alongside button hem.
All of the designers promoted in Paris fuse Jordanian culture with their unique vision, always looking beyond trends. These are quality crafted pieces with a modern touch, all tailored to appeal to the western market. We witnessed pieces that are bold and interesting, abstract and patterned, subtle and classic. It is the kind of fashion fusion we love, and we are absolutely sure that fashion devotees in Europe will adore, as well. The photographs were taken by Almin Zrno, Sarajevo-based photographer who skilfully captured the most haute moments CIIN experienced in Paris.