Plastiqua - Innovative Collaboration between Bank Al Etihad and Petra Orfali

Plastiqua || An Innovative Collaboration By Bank Al Etihad And Designer Petra Orfali

Team Plastiqua is a team of women from Bank al Etihad, that want to speak up for the one planet with finite resources, we have: “If we keep consuming and producing like we do currently, there will come a day when the earth no longer can provide us with the necessary resources to fulfil our unlimited wants and needs.”

The team wants to help the people and places around them prosper. They will involve local women in they actions for the Goal and inspire to reuse, up-cycle, and recycle waste to keep Jordan unique and beautiful.

The team plan is to collect used plastic waste from the bank and create value by turning it into unique, innovative, and sellable items that generates income to local community women (reached through local community partners and local organizations).

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